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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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I'm often asked "What do the different Native American Flute keys sound like?" On this page you can find links to sound files of the different keys of the Native American flute. Just click on the link of the key you wish to hear to get an MP3 file of a flute in that key.

Am Native American flute.

Gm Native American flute.

Gm Native American drone flute.

F#m Native American flute.

F#m Native American drone flute.

Flutes in the following lower keys are not recommended for beginners as they can be quite large and/or long. The lower pitches also require greater breath control. If you have any questions, you may contact me at or 888-778-3688 (toll free).

Em Native American flute.

Em Native American drone flute.

Dm Native American flute.

Dm Native American drone flute.

Cm (bass) Native American flute.

Am (bass) Native American flute.

List of different keyed flutes and their average sizes for Laughing Crow Wooden flutes.

These sizes are all average. The hole spacing and hole sizes are the maximum used. Some holes are a bit smaller and some hole spacings are slightly larger than what is listed. It's up to you to decide if your hands can fit these flutes. The lower pitches are bigger and longer. It's a matter of physics. I understand that lots of folks want the lower pitches, but if you want lower, it's going to be bigger. The list starts at the higher pitches and goes lower as you go down the list. I hope this helps you determine the size that you can handle.

  • Am Flutes - Length=22" Hole Spacing=11/16" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=5/16" Outside Diameter=1 1/4"

  • Gm Flutes - Length=23" Hole Spacing=1 3/4" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=3/8" Outside Diameter=1 3/4"

  • F#m Flutes - Length=24" Hole Spacing=1 7/16" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=3/8" Outside Diameter=1 3/4"

  • Em Flutes - (The size that can be difficult for some hands.) Length=26", Distance from mouthpiece to farthest hole-20", Hole Spacing=2" between last two holes, 1 3/4" between holes two and three " Hole Size=3/8"" Outside Diameter=1 1/2"

  • Dm Flutes - (This is a Big, Long flute.) Length= 28-29", Distance from mouthpiece to farthest hole 20"" Hole Spacing=1 1/2 (farthest two holes) 1 3/4" (next two holes up) Hole Size=7/16" Outside Diameter=1 11/16"

  • Cm Flutes - (This is a Big, Longer flute.)Length= 28 to 29", Distance from mouthpiece to farthest hole 21 1/2", Hole Spacing=2" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=3/8"" Outside Diameter=1 3/4"

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