Gallery of Replicas of Native American Flutes by Laughing Crow

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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician. (Domestic orders under 4 lbs.)


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Greetings! This page will have custom made flutes that have sold. Should you like a flute similar one of these, I'll be happy to make another like it for you. Thanks for looking!

Native American Style Flutes by Laughing Crow

I'll add more as they leave my possession to accompany others on their journeys.

Tulipwood tiger Maple W/Rosewood End Caps added 02/10/11 Sold

Morado Inlaid F#m Flute added 02/10/11

Curly Myrtle F#m Added 4/13/11 Sold

Curly Myrtle Inlaid F#m Added 4/13/2011 Sold

Cedar/Amboyna Burl Gm flute by Laughing Crow

Cedar/Amboyna Burl Gm Flute added 9/11/10 (Sold)

Claro Walnut Em W/Inlay added 9/11/10 (Sold)

Spalted Maple F#m Added 1/20/2011

Native American Flute

Birds Eye Redwood Flute in Em with Amboyna Burl Eagle added 9/11/10

Mango F#m W/Walnut End Caps, inlays and Purple Heart Accents

Bubinga Em Inlaid Flute

Mango With Inlay in Em

Claro Walnut F#m W/Inlay added


Tulipwood Gm W/End Caps & Inlay (special order)

Jacoba Em Inlaid Flute


Claro Walnut Inlaid in F#m & Em

Star Sapphire Tiger Maple

Chechen Negro Inlaid F#m

Curly Redwood flute in F#m

Ambrosia Tiger Maple

Waterfall Bubinga

Birds Eye Redwood/Sleeping Beauty F#m

Ambrosia Tiger Maple in F#m

Tulipwood F#m

Tulipwood in F#m With Inlaid Finger Holes


A Mango F#m that's now living in Orlando

Hawaiian Koa Inlaid Flute in F#m

Inlaid Curly Hawaiian Koa in F#m

Ambrosia Tiger Maple F#m W/Tiger Eye Onlay 3/10/10


Side-Blown Dm Eastern Cedar/Quilted Maple/Koa


Birds Eye Maple/Claro Walnut Pietersite F#m

A copy of the Bloodwood flute that I use in my recording studio.

Zircote/Bubinga/Tiger Maple in F#

Hawaiian Koa with inlay, in Em

Bass A Side Blown Mesquite

Native American Drone Flute by Laughing Crow

Eastern Cedar Drone in F#m

Claro Walnut/Amboyna Burl in F#m

Tiger Maple/Claro Walnut in F#m

Tiger Maple in F#

Rack 'O' Flutes

The Complete Guide to the Native American Style Flute

Everything for Beginning to Intermediate players
from Scott August

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"First Breath" by Douglas Spotted Eagle, Native American Flute DVD

First Breath, by Doglas Spotted Eagle  Douglas Spotted Eagle

"First Breath" Instructional DVD format (NTSC) Revised Edition

"As 5 fingered humans, we are all the same...." Douglas Spotted Eagle

Douglas Spotted Eagle, far and away one of the most recorded/heard Native American flute artists in the world of Indian flute, brings you into his home and studio for this private lesson. Breathing techniques, fingering, vibrato, and many other helpful tips will have you playing better than ever before, even if you are a seasoned player. Featuring live concert footage, three action packed music videos, travel hints, maintenance of the flute, recording suggestions, and more, see and hear what this "debut Jazz artist of the Year", Emmy and Grammy-winning performer has to share with you in this 45 minute plus video. Basic scales for the beginning player and advanced methods for the experienced, this intimate time with a flute master has something to offer everyone!

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