Bocote Em Native American Style Flute W/Inlay

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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Here's a wood that I haven't been able to make in the traditional two piece style because it's just too oily to glue. Now, that I can make one piece flutes, I can make Bocote flutes. Yes! This is a dense, heavy wood from South America that has a most interesting grain pattern. If one looks into the wood, it's easy to see eye patterns, especially on the left hand side of this instrument. Not only does it have a mesmerizing grain, the tone on this flute is pure, round, clear and has plenty of volume. It truly is a Joy to play and hear. (It really is one of my best playing Em flutes, ever.) It is heavy. And it's fairly long, around 26" overall. The finger spread, especially on the last hole, can be a strain for some, so I do not recommend it for players with small or stiff hands. However, if you wear a size large glove and your hands are supple, this instrument can bring a lifetime of rewards. I've prepared a sound sample so you can hear just how this instrument performs. I, personally, just love the tone of this beauty, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Listen the the Em Bocote flute without enhancement.

Listen to the Em Bocote flute with reverb added.


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