Native American Flute Music, Native Inspired Music by Laughing Crow

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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Native American Inspired Flute Music on CD

Indestructible Back Pack Flute New design, better tone! F#m, Gm, Am & Cm $27.95

Now available the Roland Micro Cube GX & Microphone Combo

Economical  High Quality Lavaliere Microphone

Instructional Books & DVD for Learning the Native American Flute by some of the BEST teachers.

Native American Music Songbooks and CDs

Sheet Music for the Native American Flute


"Percussion Accompaniment"  for your Native American Flute(2 cool new tracks for a total of 6!)

Guide to Sounds of Different Native American Flute Keys


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Songs inspired by Native American Flute Music

I am pleased to offer Eight CDs filled with songs inspired by Native American Flute Music and accompaniment for Native American flute.

Click on the cover art for details about this album.

Purchase The CD "Emergence"  $15.00

Purchase Emergence download ($9.99)

Click on the cover art to listen to samples of the tracks on the download page.

"Cedar Wind"  is the title of my fifth CD. It contains flute solos with no accompaniment. Some of the songs have flute harmony. This album is for those who prefer the ambience of Native flute by itself.

Purchase The CD "Cedar Wind"  $15.00

Purchase Cedar Wind Download. ($9.99)

For the player who would like backup music I'm offering 10 different accompaniments for the Native American Flute player, simply titled "Accompaniment". Click here for details.

Click on the cover art for details about this album.

Purchase The CD "Accompaniment"  $15.00

Purchase "Accompaniment" download ($9.99)

"Percussion Accompaniment" tracks. I am offering 6 percussion tracks to accompany your flute playing. These tracks are non-key specific, so you can use any flute, or any other instrument, for that matter with these tracks. Tempos range from 80 BPM (beats per minute) to 110 BPM. Each track has a two bar count in using an appropriate instrument such as a rattle. They are divided into eight bar segments at varying tempos using different grooves. Most of the instruments are Indian style drums, rattles, congas, triangles, djembes, tablas, etc. Nothing with a real pitch to throw the player off track. Professionally produced in by myself using high fidelity drum and other percussion tracks. The title of each track pretty much explains what each is about.

Click here to listen to tracks from this CD on the download page.

Purchase The CD "Percussion Accompaniment"  $7.99

Purchase "Percussion Accompaniment" download. ($5.99)

Hi Richard,

I've just ordered your excellent backpacking flute, in the hope that it really will be as indestructible as it seems! I've been after a "take anywhere" flute for a while and I was delighted when I found it on your website, after a friend kindly purchased a wireless mic for me for Christmas from you.
That led me to purchasing your drum backing tracks a couple of weeks ago also, which are absolutely fantastic. They're great as accompaniment but also absolutely perfect for getting me out of those little playing ruts, by presenting me with something to play along with. It seems like every time I play along with them new musical ideas come.

Mark McBride (from the UK)

"My First Drive-By Fluting", My first CD. Hence, the name. Most of the songs are improvisations. Many were played on location. A few are my renditions of traditional songs. Some of the songs have nature sounds in the background. 

Purchase The CD "My First Drive-By Fluting"  $15.00
You don't remember me, but I am a Motor Coach operator and we met with a group I was driving a few years ago.  This was in Pagosa Springs.  I bought your "First Drive by Fluting" and now and for a long time has been the one piece of music that I play when I talk with my Creator.  I am glad that you still are here and I will be buying all of your CD's.


"Quemado Rain"  Click on the Cover Art to for more details.

This album plays for 45 minutes. It contains four songs. The first three are flute solos. The fourth song is a thirty minute medley of flute improvisations with a gentle, low-key thunderstorm in the background. Great for meditation, massage and naptime. 

Go to my Download page to listen to the songs and purchase music

Purchase The CD "Quemado Rain"  $15.00

Purchase Quemado Rain download. ($9.99)


"Yaweh" utilizes ethnic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks and chimes. This is my only album with vocals. I perform a chant and my daughter, Jessica, sings "Amazing Grace".

Purchase The CD "Yaweh"  $15.00


My  fourth CD is "Follow Your Bliss". Click on the title to hear the tune called "Bliss".  Suffice it to say that along with eight flute solos which evoke a peaceful meditative state, I have included five tunes which employ rhythms and ethnic instruments which tend to make one want to groove and move!

Purchase The CD "Follow Your Bliss"  $15.00

"Aeolian Dreams" is my sixth CD. It contains World and New Age accompaniments. Something with a more "modern" feel. Click here to download "Sunlight". Click here to download "Piano".

Purchase The CD "Aeolian Dreams"  $15.00

My seventh CD "Healing Sojourns" is a collaboration with Kathleen Wells, PhD. She is a counselor and therapist from Sierra Vista, AZ. She provides guided imagery and I provide the music and ambience. This CD is meant for those wishing for a little help with meditation. Click here to download part of "High Mountain Meadow".

Purchase The CD "Healing Sojourns"  $15.00

Go to my Download page to listen to the songs and purchase music

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