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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Created in the Style of Native American Flutes

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Videos posted on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/laughingcrowflutes 2 songs played at the Grand Canyon and 1 workshop demo. Come meet Laughing Crow!

If you've come looking for a quality, concert tuned, affordable instrument created in the style of the Native American flute, made by Richard Maynard, (Laughing Crow), Click Here.

The flutes by Laughing Crow in the style of the Native American Indian flute or love flute are traditional musical instruments. My instruments are not mass produced. These Native American styled flutes are created by a musician (me), for the musician (you) in my solar powered workshop at our Earth Ship outside Taos, New Mexico. Of course, you don't have to be a musician to make beautiful "noise" with the Native American Flute! The Indian Flute is easy to play and rewarding to learn. It is the easiest of all musical instruments to learn.

All of the flutes shown are handmade. That's right. I'm just one guy doing all the tasks. I leave the mass production, laser, CNC machines (computer numerically controlled), imported labor, dyes and stains to the big manufacturers. Each piece of wood is selectively chosen, cut to shape, tuned and finished by master flute maker, Richard Maynard, creating an outstanding, affordable custom instrument you can enjoy for a lifetime.

The flutes made in the style of Indian Flutes  by Laughing Crow are easy to play, have a big voice and are very forgiving to the novice as well as being great performers for the experienced player. My flutes have a wide dynamic range. Whether one wishes to play softly and in a meditative style or if one wishes to play "out" for an audience, these flutes will perform for you. I'm confident that if you purchase one of my flutes, you'll not only be very happy with the appearance, but even more so you'll be thrilled with the tone, playability and tuning. If there is ever an issue with any purchase from Laughing Crow Flutes, rest assured that it will be resolved fairly, equitably and quickly. You have my personal guarantee on that.

Music and instructional Materials

I'm often asked about the slanted end that has become sort of a trade mark for Laughing Crow Flutes. People want to know if it affects the sound. It is my opinion that the tone is affected only in a minimal way. It does not degrade the sound of the flute as far as I can tell. The slanted end just makes it look different and in my eyes gives a certain "flow" to the shape of the instrument. Now, it has been brought to my attention by one of my friends that it is possible to get another note out of the flute by bringing the flute down to your body, or your knee if you're sitting, while all fingers are down playing the fundamental. This technique helps add to the palette of notes that you can use while playing. So, long story short, the slanted end is advantageous if you wish to learn how to play another note that is 1/2 step lower than the fundamental. If you thought your F#m flute could only go as low as F#, now you can get one more note lower by bringing the open, slanted end down towards your body and get the F natural. Same with the other keyed flutes, IE: a Gm flute can play the lower F#, an Am flute can play the lower Ab, etc. This extra note is often referred to as the "leading tone" or the "major seventh".

Custom Native American styled Flutes. Check them out on the "Flutes" page. Great looking woods, Great sounding flutes!

Pewter & Bronze "Bear Dreamer" statue. Limited edition, on sale here.


This e-mail is long overdue.  I got caught up in the holiday madness and I neglected to send you an e-mail soon after the arrival of my Bubinga Drone in E minor.

Richard, wow!  Thank you!  I need to tell you that when I received the Bubinga Drone in E minor, I was speechless.  The flute is everything I expected and more. In a word, the drone is AWESOME!  (Actually, I have a lot more words I could use, too, but they're all synonymous with the word awesome.)  After the mail carrier handed me the package and I signed for it, I ran inside like a little kid with a big ol' smile on my face.  After opening the package I held the instrument in my hand, inspected it, and said aloud to no one in particular (I was home alone), "This is AWESOME!"  Then I played it for who-knows-how-long, shook out the condensation, and then played it some more.  Later that night, about 10:00 pm, my wife finally had to tell me, "OK, that's enough for today.  You can play it some more tomorrow." 

Richard, please feel free to include this message in your Testimonials page if you wish.  I am not shy about saying how pleased I am with each of the flutes I have purchased from you.  Not to mention, thanks for your outstanding customer service.  I know I called you a few times with my "Is it ready yet?" phone calls and you were always patient with your replies.  You can bet I'll be ordering from you again in the near future.

Best Regards,

Los Angeles, CA


Hi Richard I just received my new flute from you an I could not contain my self as I rip away at the box. But when I did get it open an took out that magnificent work of art I was just stunned! The pictures on your web sight of this flute just did not do it justice. It took me some time just looking at it an admiring it's beauty. Just holding it in my hand an feeling the weight of it let me know that I was holding something very special. Then I began to play on it an the sound was so beautiful an sweet to the ears. An this flute really responded to my every movement of my fingers like a fine tuned race car! Man Richard you out did your self on this flute an I'm extremely happy that I'm the one who owns it now. You live up to your title of master flute maker! I can't wait to play the bear in Dm the second flute I purchase from you. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a well made top of the line flute to look no further than Richard Maynard ( Laughing Crow ) Thank you so very much
> Kevin

Thank you very much Richard. I appreciate the fact that you devote your energy
to the making of instruments. Stocks rise and fall. Instruments keep me connected
to some kind of constant ageless circle in my life.

Yours very truly,

Free Native American style Music Downloads. As a "Thank You" gift for visiting my site and for all my wonderful patrons, I now have two flute solos in the Native American style that I'd like to share with you. The first is called  "Saturn's Night" and the second, "Morning Light". These tunes are in MP3 format which you may download free as a token of my appreciation. The only catch is that you have to visit my "Flutes" page and scroll down to the bottom to find the link.  I hope you enjoy these freebies and come back to visit my site. Thanks for stopping by!

The workshop in Tucson.


Native American Style Flute Maker, Laughing Crow, working at the lathe.


Native American Indian Drone Flute

Native American Flute making by Laughing Crow

 Laughing Crow working at the belt sander shaping a new drone in 2010. Yes, that belt sander can take the hide off in a hurry. That's why I'm wearing those heavy gloves. The other photo is of the routing process. I spent a week cutting, routing and planing enough wood to make 118 Native American style flutes.  Want to see more photos? Click here. (Photos by Amelia Williams-Maynard.)

Click Here to go to the flutes.

If you'd like to see me and sample my Native American style flutes in person, check out this page with all my show dates and locations.

This site uses PayPal for ordering flutes. If, for some reason, you don't want to use PayPal you can use my Secure Order Form or, better yet, call me (520) 327-5312 to place your order over the phone.


A note about shipping to other countries: Your country may charge import duties, value added taxes (VAT), etc. The recipient is responsible for these duties, taxes and fees. Laughing Crow Flutes has no control over these fees. Your government is responsible for adding these charges. You will be expected to pay these fees in order to retrieve your shipment from your local Postal Service.




Video from Zion. "Over the Rainbow" as played by Richard Maynard. You'll hear a lot of noise in the background, especially the saw from the flute making tent. It was a very noisy day, but we made the best of it. I hope you'll enjoy the song. I had a blast playing on the open mic stage. You can see more performances from the open mic stage at the Zion Flute and Drum Festival like Zuni Sunrise and a Hang Drum solo on YouTube.

Photos from the Zion trip. These photos were taken by Amelia and myself on the way back to Taos, coming through Zion National Park. Some truly incredible beauty.

Below are some unsolicited testimonials from happy customers. (These are what really makes it all worthwhile.)

        .................Wow! ......................Wow! ................and Wow!      I'd like to say more.....but flute won't let me stop....  ...........must play more!   

    Whoa!  The flute arrived with this afternoon's mail, and I haven't been able to leave it alone! The sound is just phenomenal, it vibrates right through me ( ... so that's what a flute is supposed to sound like). The grain and color of the wood are spectacular and the workmanship is exquisite!  After looking over your website and reviewing a few of the testimonials I knew I would get a good quality flute, but what you sent me far surpassed my expectations! 
    The only thing I wasn't prepared for is the size of this thing! this monster of a masterpiece (Bass Cm) makes my little (brand name withheld) poplar F# look like a kids toy ( ...sorta makes it sound like one too)!  I'm already looking at replacing it with one of yours down the road when I purchase another.

  I will be getting a lot of joy with with your flute. I now see what you mean by works of art; your pictures are quite well done on your website, but still don't do your flutes ample justice.  

Thank you, thank you, and enjoy the blessing, from your newest future repeat customer    ...got to go play now!



I just received your cedar flute in F#.  It's a stunning instrument to
look at and more so to play.  I don't have much to compare it to besides
my penny whistle, but the fingering is almost as tight even though it's
in a lower key, making it a breeze to play.   Breath control is much
easier than people seem to talk about - the flute is very forgiving on
volume and has quite a range as far as that's concerned.  The tone is as
gorgeous as the instrument itself - really everything it should be - and
I have to say I'm in love.  As soon as I got it I sat down and played
for two hours! I'm just amazed with how
clearly it was made by a musician for a musician.  Flats and sharps and
pitch shifting and the lot are just so easy - it's hard to get a bad

When I branch out into other keys or look for something fancier, I
definitely know where to go! Thank you for making these beautiful instruments!


From Scotland:






It has been a delight to do business with you. Thank you for having such a wonderful website and offering magical instruments and music to people. I believe things like this are very valuable tools that will help us to heal ourselves and our planet. I admire what you are doing.
Take Care,
Judi Maresca

(From Australia) Hi Richard 

Just wanted to let you know how popular your flutes are here.  Angela is currently doing Stella Benson’s Healing Musician Course that I completed and took her flute to play for some people in a hospice.  One man was of Asian nationality and when Angela played the flute he was totally stunned – it took him back to his childhood and he loved the sound.

 Stella is currently here in Australia and Angela borrowed our other Laughing Crow flutes and played them with Stella playing the harp – the number of people that commented on the sound of the flutes was amazing.  Today we had a full day workshop on healing music and David played your flutes in different settings – the comments were lovely - the sound quality is very different to what we are used to here and it really touched people very deeply.

 Thanks again – take care


Hi This is Kevin......

Thank you Laughing Crow for the flute! The resonance is
breathtaking. Everyone that has heard and viewed the flute
has complemented on how beautiful this instrument is. The tone
and beauty are one. Words cannot describe the feelings as I
weave my way through the notes as a windrider. I thank you
from the deepest part of my heart for creating this wonderful
instrument. The melodies echo along the prairie. Although I am
new at playing this instrument, I feel that the melodies that I have
created are becoming more beautiful as each day passes.
Again thank you for the flute and I hope to start recording music
soon among the prairie fields.

For More Testimonials, you can go here.

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Lots of people see and hear these beautiful instruments and say "Boy, if I had talent, I'd get one of those!" Most think that if one is not already a musician, there's no chance of being able to create the soothing, inspiring, meditative moods that the Native American Flute is capable of. I try to say, "Oh, they're easy to play!" They reply, "Easy for you!" I have to tell you that almost anyone can evoke the inspirational tones from this instrument with a minimum of effort and practice.

I think it's important to know that the Native American Flute requires almost no effort. One does not need to hold one's mouth any certain way. What I mean is one does not need a special embouchure, such as a clarinet or trumpet player or even someone who plays a concert flute. "Just kiss it and blow" is the short, sweet way to get the point across. The fingering is elementary. The pentatonic scale has no wrong notes. You can play the notes in any order and your song will be "right". The goal is to learn to express yourself with your own song. Play what you see, play what you feel. Look at a tree and play the tree. Watch a hawk circling overhead and play the circles in the sky. Play the clouds.

I offer seven CDs that I have created with the Native American style Flute. These are almost entirely improvisation. They are all done using the Native American minor pentatonic scale. This is the scale this flute does best and the scale that is illustrated on the instruction sheet that comes with the flute. I, personally, have never excelled with a musical instrument in my past. I played drums for twenty four years because I couldn't fit in with the standards, the norms which were dictated by the music teachers. (Translates to my being "hard-headed"). When I found the Native American Flute, I found a way to express myself musically. This is why the Native American Flute is so popular. It can be used creatively by non-musicians as well as by musicians of all capabilities.

You will also find a powerful tool to develop creativity and confidence in this site; "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames. This method book is probably the best source one can find for properly learning all the techniques for playing the Native American Flute. There is no better resource available, in my opinion, for learning the Native Flute. John is a music educator. He has been teaching for over thirty years. This man knows his  business. His book, which is available here, teaches everything from how to place your fingers on the flute, to learning all the embellishments, or "little tricks" that enable you to play like the major players. It takes you all the way to learning how to read tablature, the form of written music created by R. Carlos Nakai for the Native American Flute, with songs in the back you can learn, if you so desire. My favorite aspect of this book is that it comes with a CD in which John explains and performs all the lessons. I highly recommend "Understanding the Gift" available at this site.

Explore the flutes here. Download and listen to some of the examples by clicking on the pictures of the flutes. I hope you like what you see and hear.

Thank you for stopping in. Namaste, Laughing Crow

   Go to the Flutes.

To find instructions on how to make a Native American flute go to www.cherrycows.com. To find accessories for your flute such as deer hide bags, stands and cases go to www.juniperflute.com. Be sure and tell them Laughing Crow sent you!

A word about "delamination". (Fancy word that means "coming unglued"). My flutes are made in two pieces. I am using "Titebond III" to assemble my blanks. This is the world's best waterproof wood glue. I guarantee that my flutes will not delaminate. Period. I've left glued scraps out in the weather, rain, freezing snow,  sun, you name it and this glue holds. Boring the wood to make a one piece flute is a faster way to make these instruments. Maybe, some day, I'll get a boring machine so I can make them in one piece. But until then, I'll keep making them the traditional way using this high performance glue which is actually stronger than the wood itself. If you're worried about my flutes coming apart at the seams, don't. They are guaranteed not to delaminate. Ever.

 It is a known fact among woodworkers that any piece of wood can crack, check or split. This means that even the "one piece" instruments can crack. Remember, we're working with wood which is a living thing, It is a dynamic thing and in rare occasions can "move", bend and split. So, regardless of whether a Native American flute is made in one piece, two or more pieces, we still have to deal with the fact that the wood is dynamic. With proper care, your instrument should last for your lifetime as well as for your heirs'. Even though I have applied finish to the inside of the slow air chamber, leaving the fetish or bird off overnight after a long playing session will help to keep the slow chamber dry and add to the stability of the wood.

What is a Native American Flute? I've taken this section of an article from Wikipedia which explains it very well.

Native American flute

Main article: Native American flute

The Native American flute has achieved some measure of fame for its distinctive sound, used in a variety of New Age and world music recordings. The instruments origins are unknown, but the theory that it was developed by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples based of Mesoamerican designs is the most common solution. Its music was used in courtship, healing, meditation and spiritual rituals.

The late 1960s saw a roots revival centered around the flute, with a new wave of flutists and artisans like Doc Nevaquaya and Carl Running Deer. Of special importance is R. Carlos Nakai (Changes, 1983), who has achieved some mainstream renown for his mixture of the flute with New Age and ambient sounds.

The Native American flute is the only flute in the world constructed with two air chambers - there is a wall inside the flute between the top (slow) air chamber and the bottom chamber which has the whistle and finger holes. The top chamber also serves as a secondary resonator, which gives the flute its distinctive sound. There is a hole at the bottom of the "slow" air chamber and a (generally) square hole at the top of the playing chamber. A block (or "bird") with a spacer is tied on top of the flute to form a thin, flat airstream for the whistle hole (or "window"). Some more modern flutes use an undercut either in the block or the flute to eliminate the need for a spacer.

The "traditional" Native American flute was constructed using measurements based on the body - the length of the flute would be the distance from armpit to wrist, the length of the top air chamber would be one fist-width, the distance from the whistle to the first hole also a fist-width, the distance between holes would be one thumb-width, and the distance from the last hole to the end would generally be one fist-width.

Modern Native American flutes are generally tuned to a variation of the minor pentatonic scale (such as you would get playing the black keys on a piano), which gives the instrument its distinctive plaintive sound. Recently some makers have begun experimenting with different scales, giving players new melodic options. Also, modern flutes are generally tuned in concert keys (such as A or D) so that they can be easily played with other instruments. The root keys of modern Native American flutes span a range of about three and a half octaves, from C2 to A5.

Native American flutes most commonly have either 5 or 6 holes, but instruments can have anything from no holes to seven (including a thumb hole). Various makers employ different scales and fingerings for their flutes.

Some modern Native American flutes are called "drone" flutes, and are two (or more) flutes built together. Generally, the drone chamber plays a fixed note which the other flute can play against in harmony.

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A very informative article from Dirty Linen about the NA flute.

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